‘Need a copy and content creation workshop?’

As a student, employee, or entrepreneur you are often too busy with your daily responsibilities to come up with creative copy or slick content designing for your product or service..

That’s why it’s often difficult to learn social media tactics, digital skills, share the right message, use persuasive online communication, or simply come across as professional..

The ‘online world’ in our society is growing globally. This flexible one-on-one personal copy and content training can therefore make the difference for you to get along, as it combines social media tactics and the actual drafting of engaging content for your product or service.

“Change is inevitable, lead by example”

‘Are you as a student, employee, or entrepreneur interested in increasing your digital skills flexibly?’

My services are their to train and teach you with this training-workshop in an interactive way, which includes; social media training, content creation, management, planning, community engagement, branding, and more..

With an online and offline network from a total of +6500 connections, proven research and many one-on-one coaching sessions, successful campaigns, and years of experience in social media, I can share the knowledge with you from basic to advanced level.

‘Do you, as a self-employed-entrepreneur, struggle with efficiently planning a Social Media strategy?’

Together we dive into the depths of online communication to make the best possible using online communication tools, skills, and accessibility.

In this way, we enter into a personal conversation about your company and personal branding, with the aim of finding the right targeted angles together.

We draw up a personal trajectory on the basis of an interview, with which we can determine together which direction we are heading into. More direct? Publishing each week? Which partners are joining? Etc.

“Lets strategize together”

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  • Social Media Training
  • Content Creation
  • Copywriting Strategies
  • Branding tips & tricks

‘Wait… There is more?’

The online one-on-one training has a duration of 4 weeks of which one creative brainstorming session and three sessions of one-on-one coaching on the specialties listed above.

In this way I will explain more about it, and we synergize to achieve your goals with an open-mindset.

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