“Who am I and what do I do?”

My name is Ramon Rahangmetan born in the Netherlands, with roots from Indonesia. After my studies in Desktop Publishing (DTP), in The Netherlands. I design, create content, community strategies, and write copy for about 6 years for various entrepreneurs, companies, and NGO’s. I did this mainly as a hobby, while also working part-time in the hospitality industry.

I officially started as an independent entrepreneur on 17 June 2019 named ‘Ramon Copywriting’ in The Netherlands. I also work voluntarily for my NGO in Belgium, Brussels called ‘Circle of Sustainable Europe (CoSE)‘ as a Board member & Secretary, I do this to make entrepreneurs, government officials, and civil society aware of the importance of a sustainable, inclusive, and digital world.

At the end of 2020 I was chosen as one of the ‘Top 50 Community Innovators‘ from one of the biggest Tech Summits in the world – World Summit AI, with great gratitude I bear this title. That’s why I also advocate (independent) entrepreneurs to help their online business strategies, to scale up in communities, or to watch over their communication strategies. Specifically when it comes to Social Media Marketing, thereby anticipating the future of digitization.

“The right words can change your mind”

This is how my interest in the importance of reading and writing began. Since my early years, reading and writing became one of my hobbies. Especially when I know how to touch the right people and target audience with the words written for a web page, poem, product or service he or she is looking for.

Once words are written or spoken it has a certain value at that moment. I want to convert that value of knowledge and wordplay to a certain goal. Personally, it has made me aware of the importance of the etymology of words, findability, sentence structure, and text structure.

Nowadays we live in a century with many technological developments in different fields. Language changes through the centuries and that also means that writing needs to be looked at in a creative way.

As a copywriter, I am aware of these constant changes and with my experience, I make sure the message you want to share is clear!

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“People don’t remember exactly what you write, but how you write it”

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